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Camping What Way is Your Preference? Roughing It In Tents or RV Camping?

Camping With The Family, How Do You Camp?
     This blog will talk about the pros and cons of Camping in tents, or going the RV route, which has many more options in today's world of camping, hope you enjoy!
     Many years ago, I only camped in tents, with sleeping bags sleeping on the ground, no air mattress or any other comfortable items for good sleep. But as much as I can remember about those days, they all seem to be memorable and fun. I eventually graduated to a Pop-Up Camper, and then moved up to a 31' Luxury RV Camper. I think I like the latter better as I get older, much to hard on this older body for the tent deal anymore, but all in all over the years, I had fun when ever I did camp, which was at least twice a year or more.
     In today's world, there are so many options with tents, two, three, four season, along with many different styles and sizes to fit any need that someone would require. Along with the abundance of quality tents, you also can find many i…

Review Of The Brave Response Holster For Conceal Carry

This Is My Review On The Brave Response Holster (Conceal Carry)
     Gun owners, Conceal Carry, And just anyone who owns pistols, should take a look at this Holster. It has many features that will make carrying a delight, instead of being uncomfortable and cumbersome. Anyone who carry's can tell you one important thing about carrying is they are sometimes uncomfortable to carry, with some Holsters, and many of us have tried many different holsters, until finding that right one.
     Look no further, I think I just found one that will answer most questions you may have. The Brave Response Holster is just that. Very comfortable to wear, one size fits most, and if you are a bit larger, you can order it larger. This Holster is machine washable, and can be used my multiple family members, as again it is adjustable for size. The Holster will carry any kind of semi-auto handgun, it also will accommodate many revolvers as well. The Holster has a forward tilt and gives you a smooth and sa…