Camping What Way is Your Preference? Roughing It In Tents or RV Camping?

Camping With The Family, How Do You Camp?

     This blog will talk about the pros and cons of Camping in tents, or going the RV route, which has many more options in today's world of camping, hope you enjoy!

     Many years ago, I only camped in tents, with sleeping bags sleeping on the ground, no air mattress or any other comfortable items for good sleep. But as much as I can remember about those days, they all seem to be memorable and fun. I eventually graduated to a Pop-Up Camper, and then moved up to a 31' Luxury RV Camper. I think I like the latter better as I get older, much to hard on this older body for the tent deal anymore, but all in all over the years, I had fun when ever I did camp, which was at least twice a year or more.

     In today's world, there are so many options with tents, two, three, four season, along with many different styles and sizes to fit any need that someone would require. Along with the abundance of quality tents, you also can find many items to make your camping comfortable. Air Mattress and cots for example will make your rest a good one. The quality and comfort of sleeping bags have also made camping much nicer than years past.

This is a Two Season Family Tent With LED Lights!
This Is a Three Season Tent!

     Camping in today's world also has many more products to make life in the outdoors more convenient and comfortable. Such as the Chairs, Sleeping Bags, Cook Stoves, Folding Tables. There are so many options in today's world in the camping industry, to make your camp a truly wonderful trip, and bring you years of fun with Family and Friends. I always liked to camp with the Family, and Friends when enjoying the great outdoors. There are also portable Solar power units that you can build yourself, to power your camping needs, Check it out here. This system not only will work for camping, but you can use it at your Cabin, and Home to save you more money on your Electric bills than you can imagine.

     If you like the RV scene there are so many different styles and types to choose from, and they all bring the comforts of home with you to the outdoors. Many have so much storage, and offer so many floor plans that it is hard to choose from. Last year, we stayed in our camper all summer in a camp ground and were in the camper in Northern Wisconsin, until late November, and were very comfortable in the camper throughout. As mentioned earlier in the blog, Campers have changed also over the years, our Camper has the polar package installed in it, that is what enabled us to enjoy the camper late into the season, when in most campers from the past would have long been in storage.

Custom Cabinets Very Comfortable and Feels Like Home

31' Keystone Cougar, real nice and Roomy!

     This is the way I fly these days, it is just more comfortable for me now as I age. This is not to say as mentioned before, that the tent thing is any less comfortable, because they very well can be these days, but I like the whole having Electricity thing, along with the furnace for late season camping, and hunting. This camper could have a generator to run the electric, but I have now chosen to build one of these Awesome Portable Solar Power Units, that will run everything in my camper, and not use gas, and will not disturb any other camper in the area with loud generators, although there are many nice quiet generators built these days, they still burn fuel to run, now I use the sun.

     In closing I have had many great, and not so great camping events over the years, and all I must say have been enjoyable even with all the not so great adventures. Also as mentioned earlier I have witnessed a wonderful evolution in camping gear and equipment over the years, and it truly is and has made camping one wonderful experience to take Family and Friends out to do. Please comment and add your thoughts and experiences you may have had over the years with your camping adventures. Also check out our Outdoor Store and get your new gear today! @Stoneoutfitter1


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