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    I would first like to introduce myself, i am a 57 year old Veteran US Army, who wanted to start an online Business, and love the outdoors so much, decided even though there is so much competition in this field a store selling goods for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Boating, ATV/UTV equipment and Accessories. That said I am finding out just how much competition, and how much hard work it is to build a website and Market it.

    I do now show appreciation for all those who do this kind of thing for there 40 or more hour a week job. This author really is learning many new things and I am finding out that all of you that do this type of work can pat themselves on the back for doing this all day everyday!! This post may not have much content in the outdoor category as it should, seeing that this is an outdoor blog, but I thought i should at least throw out a kudos to those people behind the scenes on most website, blogs, and pretty much anything web related. So back to me, I am from the great State of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go), but now live in South West Florida, the weather is better here.

   The blog content will get better I promise, I am looking to not only blog myself on related topics, but on my hunts, fishing, camping boating trips, and product testing and or using for readers to get a good sense of Quality outdoor Equipment and Accessories in the related topics. I will entertain most topics of conversation, but hope to have bloggers and readers mainly stay on the related topics. is a new and upcoming site that is run by me and the parent company is MS Internet Ventures LLC, and we aim to earn your business, and are always open to comments on the site and or blogs, or any other related comments or concerns associated with us. There are many ways to contact us, and one of our associates will contact you with anything you may want to have a conversation about. We also want to thank you up front for any blog or purchase now and in the future if you have done so.

    Now that I have bored everyone, I will just share a couple of Pics from June and will start the real blogging shortly with much more interesting information and topics!!!! Thanks for listening!! Hope you enjoy!!



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