Review Of The Brave Response Holster For Conceal Carry

This Is My Review On The Brave Response Holster (Conceal Carry)

     Gun owners, Conceal Carry, And just anyone who owns pistols, should take a look at this Holster. It has many features that will make carrying a delight, instead of being uncomfortable and cumbersome. Anyone who carry's can tell you one important thing about carrying is they are sometimes uncomfortable to carry, with some Holsters, and many of us have tried many different holsters, until finding that right one.

     Look no further, I think I just found one that will answer most questions you may have. The Brave Response Holster is just that. Very comfortable to wear, one size fits most, and if you are a bit larger, you can order it larger. This Holster is machine washable, and can be used my multiple family members, as again it is adjustable for size. The Holster will carry any kind of semi-auto handgun, it also will accommodate many revolvers as well. The Holster has a forward tilt and gives you a smooth and safe draw of your weapon. 

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     This Holster has many other features that are great also! It has room for your Handgun, and 3 Xtra clips, or lights, and is made from SharkSkin, so it is breathable and washable, one size fits all, and when you tuck your shirt in it is completely concealed. I for one sure like them, and now you should give it a try, and find out just how good these Holsters are!! 

     This Holster, comes with a complete 100% Manufactures Guarantee also. There are no clips as this Holster straps around your body, and conceals completely. The retention strap is removable, so for those of you that do not like the retention strap it can be removed, and for those who like it can know that your weapon will be secure in the Holster. You may be wondering who I am and what could I know about Holsters, well I have been around the outdoors for over forty years, and have purchased many many products over the years, some good and some bad, and saw this Holster and made one of the best purchases ever, so Get yours Today!! @Stoneoutfitter1



  1. what a great idea for us in the world of conceal and carry. It is such a lightweight and quite comfortable holster that it makes you forget it is even strapped to your body.with the velcro strapping it is easy enough to mount and remount on yourself but when it comes to reholstering pulling it out is a cinch but always maintane care when reholstering any weapon. 9 out 0f 10 stars for this beauty


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