Fishing Devils Lake North Dakota!!

Fishing Devils Lake North Dakota!!

     Want Fish? Then this lake is for you, Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, much to fish for and it is hands down the best Walleye lake in the United States in my opinion. This author has fished Devils Lake many many  times with a large group who would go around Fathers day in June every year. The group would spend a week camping and fishing the Lake, and I can tell you, I cant remember having any better times than right there with the Fishing crew, it was just amazing.

     Devils Lake is a lake that North Dakota is working to try and tame, as the lake itself is growing, flooding out the local area, it has eaten up roads, farms, houses, and much more over the years. The Lake is around 3,800 square miles. From 1993 to 1999 the lake doubled in size, and displaced over 300 homes and flooded up to approximately 70,000 acres. This Lake is huge, and is a great lake with much structure, as in Trees, Fence, Houses, ETC. which tends to make great fish habitat.
Fish from Jason Mitchell, from Mitchell's Guide Service a Local Guide Service

     When the wind is blowing it is very rough, and storms come through quickly, so watch the weather, when fishing. This lake is also a great lake for ice fishing. Many anglers are amazed with the Jumbo perch they catch, along with Walleye, and Northern. Our group just loved fishing there in the summer and most of us would catch our limit daily of Walleye, just awesome fishing. Most of our group are from Wisconsin where we also have some pretty good Walleye fishing lakes to choose from, but I can say over the years I have not found one better than Devils Lake.

     This author can not speak for the whole group, but I have fished many real good lakes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Devils Lake has been my best experience for Walleye fishing, weather you use live bait and slip floats, or Cast with spinners, crank baits you will catch fish. Many of these fish are very large as well, they have trophy's in that lake for sure!! This lake if your looking for a place to take your family to fish, and camp, is one I will strongly recommend to all.

    The area has plenty of amenities for  you and your group or family, you can camp, or hotel it. They also have many guide services in the area, Mitchell's is one and kind enough to share the great photo, and will put you on fish if you want a guide service. Evenings can be spent at camp, hotel, golf, or you could visit the Casino which if memory serves me right is on Spirit Lake a few miles away. There are many restaurants in the area as well, but you could eat your days catch every day for sure!! I found the Locals and the area were just very wonderful, I will fish again at Devils Lake!! Good Luck Fishing!!

     I would just like to end this by saying Thanks to all of my friends that I shared this trip with over the years, they all made this trip real special for me, and I can not Thank them enough for all the great memories, Oh and of coarse the Mighty Devils Lake and all the locals who made the trip great fun!!!! Thanks again!! Stoneoutfitter1



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