Whitetail Hunting Tips For Success!

Whitetail Hunting Tips For Success!

     Over many years of Hunting Whitetail Deer, this author has witnessed many days of disappointment, along with many days of true Joy, when the hunt is successful, but at the end of the day I have learned many valuable lessons on how, and how not to hunt for the elusive Whitetail. In this artificial I would just like to share a few of these tips, that most of the experienced hunters more than likely know, but hope to able to reach out and help the in-experienced hunter, and maybe get a few more tips from some of the more experienced hunters out there, to share their experiences also.
Deer walked feet from my stand, and are 20 yards away!

     It is this authors belief that a successful hunt starts with scouting, typically start in the spring, and work all summer looking for sign, and food source's along with bedding areas.  I generally get two to three spots for tree stands picked out to enable me to move around with different wind directions, as to not impeded the deer travel patterns, you could also set your stands higher, but I am not a big fan of that, just because of the more severe angles when hunting higher than between 15, and 20 feet in the tree. If one can be still and quiet with the correct wind conditions, you can have deer walk well within range for your bow, crossbow, or all other hunting weapons. 

     This author typically will use fixed stands, either ladder, or strap on, as mentioned above I will have two to three stand locations to move around on, others prefer climbers, and there are many wonderful climbers on the market these days, that set up quickly, easy to use, and comfortable and lightweight. When the climbers first came out they were very bulky, heavy and rather hard to set up and use. The selection of a good stand is very important for many reasons, but I believe the most important reason would be for comfort, and quietness, if you are not comfortable, you will tend to move around more, and make more noise which is not good when hunting Whitetail Deer, as mots of us know!! In many cases ground blinds are a good option also, they are more forgiving when you are on the frigidity side and move around a bit, the downfall is winds, and most blinds are harder to shoot bows out of, crossbows are much easier.
Right at last light, past the stand again!

     This hunter will strategically place his stands, one near or on a pathway to the bedding area, and usually hunt this stand depending on how accessible to get into and winds that day, in the mornings, thru midday. I will usually move to my food source stand in the afternoons and evening hunts, again with good winds for the stand. Again stand placement is crucial for a successful hunt, i can not stress that enough, and I think most would agree. 
On my Man Made Scrape With Code Blue Time Release

     Another thing to remember is that with the season changes you must be flexible, and change your hunting habits as the deer change theirs throughout the season. For example when the Rut begins you can see deer pretty much all day, where as early season, you may only see them early mornings or evenings, and as hunting pressures move deer around they will change their travel plans as well!!

     Using Scents, and Calls are useful when used at the proper time, this hunter is not always clear on how much or when to use, even after hunting for forty plus years, what may have worked well last year may not work this year! The moral of the story in my eyes is test, try, and use when the situation dictates.

     In my many years of Whitetail Hunting, some successful, and some not, I truly believe that the two most important things are Location, Location, and added to this list should be a stand that is comfortable, and You need to be still, quiet, and patient and you should and will have a successful hunt. Hope this topic was helpful, and would like to reach out to other experienced Whitetail Hunters to share their tactics and tips!! Good Luck Hunting!! Stoneotfitter1


  1. Oh yes Ive had many successful white tail hunts but also have had many not so...But when you learn and buy from only experienced hunters then it is all good


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