When and How or If to Use Whitetail Scents and Attractants?

When and How or If you should use Scents and Attractants?

     Good day all, I hope this topic will get some people talking and Sharing their thoughts on this topic, I have been hunting for a bit over 40 years, and I am still looking for answers on this topic. I have used many different scents over the years from brand to type of scent and or attractants with mixed results. I have used many brands like, Tinks, Code Blue, Code Red, ETC, and I am still questioning how effective they are? These days there are many different kinds of applications, not so much years ago, when it was just glands and liquid scent, today you can find those and time release, aerosol, stick, (Like Deodorant) Do not rub on yourself!, and many other. They are all intended to attract deer and this author believes some work better than others.

     I have picture evidence that they do work, but to what extent do they work? I also would like to see some scientific evidence about how well they work, I am sure I kind surf the net for that, but I like to try different things for myself, and go with the ones that work best for me. This author has in the past used scents and attractants in and on scrape lines, with mixed results. Last year I made scrapes using time release Code Blue and it worked and attracted many bucks to the scrape, although at first it was younger bucks that were using it more. this author is not sure if that is common or if others have more results with this? While hunting last year I also used Doe in heat Urine and Buck In Rut on a scrape line going into my stand, also with mixed results, many bucks were using these scrapes much like my man made one, but primarily at night, of coarse we cannot hunt at night, so how much good are they. That said, I did have smaller more immature bucks follow in on my scent drag, but the more mature bucks would keep their distance, and not come into shooting range, have any readers experienced these issues? 

Buck Checking Scrape Code Blue Time Release Scent
Checking Scrape 

Buck Checking Scrape and Following Doe
Checking Scrape Following Doe

Buck On Scrape Man Made On The Chase
On the Scrape, and Trail of Hot Doe

Same buck On Scrape
Checking My Scrape 

These Pictures are on my man made scrape.

What Works Better For You?

     In my many years of hunting, as mentioned above I have had mixed results when using scents, and attractants. My best results in my Hunts are when I use drag rags, scents, and when i freshen up scrape lines. This author has used many different ways in using them. I have noticed that you truly can use for your advantage, but in the same breath, can use them too early also and change your results dramatically. When then should you start using them? This author who primarily hunts in Northern Wisconsin, will start to use them when, I start to see signs of the younger bucks, who normally start first begin the stage all hunters like The Rut! When hunting in Wisconsin this Rut has started at different times over the many years I have been hunting, but as a whole the Rut usually begins around the end of October thru mid November, again this varies by the year, and seems like the weather certainly contributes to this. When we get cooler weather early and it continues, it seems the rut will start early and finish early, when the weather is warmer it will start later, and sometimes it will run into our deer gun hunt over the Thanksgiving week. The main Rut usually will last for around 11 days give or take hard, I have also witnessed the Rut going hard and shut right off when we would get a few warm days consecutively. I usually will begin using scents a week or two before the Rut gets going hard, when I see good sign of bucks and Does starting. This author would like feedback on when others begin to use scents and attractants. 

     One could agree or disagree when to start or when to use, if at all, but I do know that for me they seem to work, but it will vary from year to year on how effective they are, at least in my experience, and again I would like to hear your good and bad experience with the use of scents and attractants. Thanks and enjoy the read, hope not to bore anyone!! Stoneoutfitter1



  1. I mean when it comes to scents its more of a preference thing.For this experinenced hunter who has hunted northen michigan for close to 20 years ive always had better luck with feeders then with scents.Maybe i didnt know really the right time to use them but when i did it seemed like I seen alot less deer then i wanted too.


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